Pergola VS Other Garden Structures

Pergola VS Other Garden Structures

When you’ve come to the conclusion of upgrading your outdoor space, you might’ve realised there are many options to choose from. You’ve read about pagodas, awnings, gondolas, pergolas etc. Which one is right for you? Is there even a difference? Let us just start off by saying that: yes! There is a difference between these garden features. And, PERGOLUX sells pergolas! 

Pergola, pergola, gondola… It might seem very confusing, but we’ll make it easy for you and compare each product to a pergola. More specifically, our pergola! 

Pergola VS Awning

Fabric awning above doorway or window

An awning is an outdoor structure that typically extends over an outdoor space for shelter. The main difference between an awning and a pergola is that an awning can be a temporary structure. Meanwhile, the pergola is a more permanent structure. A pergola is attached to the house, or to the ground with posts and columns. 

A pergola, compared to an awning, can provide shelter from poor weather conditions. Of course, this doesn’t regard any or every pergola. There are a variety of pergolas on the market, and if you would like to understand more about pergolas you can read this blog, ‘What is a pergola’. 

A modern pergola is typically crafted from metal, such as aluminium or steel. An awning typically contains a canvas made of acrylic, cotton, polyester or vinyl laminated fabric. This fabric is stretched over a metal structure, creating a cover. There are different types of awnings, such as portable awnings, which are typically wall-mounted or fixed. 

There are also retractable awnings that you can extend or retract. The disadvantage of using cloth for shelter may be that they aren’t always waterproof. Thus making the awning a better structure for the sake of shade from the sun. Restaurants will sometimes use awnings above the entrance, or to cover the outdoor area for reception, dining and parties. Some awnings act as a signboard for commercial buildings, containing business information. 

Pergola VS Gazebo

There are more similarities between a pergola and gazebo, if anything. A gazebo provides full coverage against the sun, while a pergola allows for sunlight to enter through the louvred roof. A traditional pergola only provides partial shelter/shade over a garden, terrace, or pathway. The traditional pergola also contains a unique wooden roof, optimal for climbing vines/plants. 

A gazebo is completely covered, oftentimes turret-shaped and crafted from wood. 

wooden gazebo in garden surrounded by sunflowers and rainy weather

A pergola is typically used to extend the outdoor space - typically on a deck or patio. However, there are no limitations. If you purchase a modern pergola, such as the PERGOLUX pergola, you will have more flexibility with a louvered roof. Additionally, you will have the benefit of a maintenance-free product, considering our pergola’s powder-coated aluminium profile. You can read more about the benefits on our blog, ‘Pergola with Roof’.

Pergola VS Pagoda

Pagodas are common to Asia, and were traditionally built as a Stupa in South Asia (typically a towering structure used to house relics or remains of saints and kings. After further development in East Asia, they can now be seen regularly across China, Japan, Nepal and Korea. Traditional Pagodas are easy to recognise considering the tower design with multiple eaves, usually decorated with traditional oriental designs. 

Red pagoda in UK botanical garden  

If you have ever been to a botanical garden, chances are you’ve seen (or stood in) a miniature adaptation of a pagoda. Although pagodas are rooted in oriental architecture, you can see their influence in UK garden designs. They resemble gazebos, but are typically less spacious and don’t provide as much shelter as that of a pergola. 

Pergola VS Arbor

Pergola and “arbor” are terms that are often used interchangeably as they both describe similar outdoor structures. They are built with similar structures such as posts that support an open roof of beams/lattice. Traditionally, both are usually meant to support climbing plants and vines. Modern pergolas don’t serve the same purpose anymore, considering the increase in metal crafting. 

The arbor hasn’t met the same development as the pergola, however it still makes for a charming garden addition if you aren’t looking for practicality/shelter.

wooden arbor in garden with lattices and climbing plants flowers

An arbor usually has less width than a pergola, and serves better as decor for passageways. A pergola is more flexible, providing the opportunity to extend your outdoor space. As a freestanding structure, it can also be placed by the entrance of a yard, or act as a small shelter for seating. Considering its trellis work, it doesn’t provide proper shelter from inclement weather, but perhaps some decent shade from the sun.

What is the benefit of a pergola? 

Hopefully this blog has provided some answers about the various garden features, and their differences. We would like to go into greater detail about the pergola - but more specifically, our pergola. Because the market is large, we can only speak for our own product, after all.

Our pergolas have a gorgeous, powder aluminium profile that was made to withstand inclement weather conditions. The difference between aluminium and wood, is that aluminium require very minimum maintenance. Wood is prone to rot, whereas aluminium is a rust-free and self-preserving metal!

powder coated durable aluminium frame

Our pergolas come with a louvred roof, too! A pergola with slats [or louvres] are designed with a swivel profile. The louvres are crafted from aluminium as well, and overlap each other when adjusted to a closed position. This version of a pergola roof is highly flexible, and contains slats that redirect the water towards a drainage system.

Most of the garden structures discussed in this blog are crafted from wood, traditionally speaking. We know that it can be confusing, and possibly frustrating searching for the right garden structure when there are so many to choose from! However, we want to make the search as easy as possible! 

If you're looking for a robust product that can extend your outdoor space, then we recommend you take a look at our pergolas!

After all, we make the dream possible.


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