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PERGOLUX is a brand that takes the best out of Scandinavian aesthetic and British practicality.

Created by our team of Norwegian designers and engineers, our products are crafted to sustain the most demanding weather conditions.

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Perfect for any weather

Our pergolas are designed to withstand the UK weather - all year round!

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Frequently Asked Questions

With us, you can choose between paying by card, paying in installments or paying by invoice.

When you order a product from us, subject to the product's availability in stock, it takes 3-5 days until you have the product delivered.

PERGOLUX pergola can withstand snow up to 60kg / sqm.

If it snows more than this, you can leave the slats in the open position so that the snow falls through.

PERGOLUX pergola comes in standard sizes 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m and 4x6m.

If you want a different size than this, the pergola can also be easily customized by cutting the frame.

Adjusting the height:
Use a suitable saw and cut the columns to the correct height. Then you have to drill 4 new holes for the column foot. When the columns have been cut, we recommend that the end where it has been cut is covered with silicone or varnish.

Adjusting the width:
If you want to adjust the width of the pergola, this can be done in the longitudinal direction. The slats are placed per 12cm and you can therefore easily cut the beams between each of the slats. When the beam is cut, you must also cut a rail at the top and the gutters in the same length.

A traditional pergola is a free-standing construction covered with plants and creepers. In modern times the word "pergola" is used more freely and a pergola is often described as a construction consisting of four columns with beams on top.

In most countries, a pergola is something that is mainly used for sun protection, but with the English weather and temperature, protection against rain and wind are also important factors.